Strategic lines of action

Commitment through action

In 2008 “la Caixa” has raised its contribution to “la Caixa” Foundation to €500 million, which is to say 25% more than in 2007. The social ambit, one of the institution's priorities, has grown through new programmes aimed at young people, immigrants and dependent persons. Postgraduate scholarships to Spanish universities, study grants for prisoners, programmes for the protection of natural parks, and conservation of marine biodiversity are other new work areas in which Community Projects has redoubled its efforts. Cultural and scientific initiatives, carried out through its own centres and with travelling exhibitions across Spain, and news programmes such as “Art in the Street” all come together thanks to the social involvement of “la Caixa”.

In keeping with its zeal for service, in 2007 “la Caixa” Foundation fostered 45,379 initiatives and assisted 24,640,137 people. One out of every four Spaniards directly benefited from “la Caixa” Community Projects. Furthermore, thanks to our commitment and our customers' trust, this number will increase year after year. The Community Projects programme is indeed the spirit of “la Caixa”.